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Ask Us on Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Understanding RECs

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) represent units of green electricity generated from renewable energy generation facilities which include hydro, wind, solar, biomass and thermal power. RECs are useful instruments to offset Scope 2 emission (indirect Green House Gas emissions from purchased electricity).

​There is an existing framework practiced globally enabling you as the consumer to “use” renewable energy without physically consuming it. With every 1MWh of “dirty” energy you consume, you can purchase 1MWh of renewable energy (represented by a REC) produced in another location. Using this framework you can be 100% carbon neutral in your electricity consumption.

RECs and Carbon Offsets are two different instruments. RECs are measured in terms of electricity units and are used to validate the consumption of electricity from renewable sources. On the other hand, Carbon Offsets are measured in units of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) and are used to represent the reductions/ avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions.

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We provide your evidence

Ensuring confidence in your reporting

Companies joining RE100 make a global, public commitment to 100% renewable electricity. To achieve this goal, they must match 100% of the electricity used across their global operations with electricity produced from renewable sources – biomass (including biogas), geothermal, solar, water, and wind. If they do not produce their own renewable electricity they commit to purchasing renewable electricity sourced from generators and suppliers in the market. This includes the purchase of stand-alone (“unbundled”) energy attribute certificates.

REC certificates have been referenced as meeting the RE100 and CDP requirements and provided key quality references for the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance.

Alena Energy is fully independent of all market participants, having no role in the production, supply, trading, transmission, distribution, or regulation of energy and the associated markets. Alena Energy is therefore not conflicted in any of its duties and offers its customers a service in which they can place their trust. Being an independent service provider, Alena Energy is able to provide its services to any domain and can also support regulatory authorities in their undertaking of this function.

Alena Energy is a key delivery partner for the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) Standard and has been appointed as Central Issuer, providing issuing services in a number of countries. The I-REC Standard is at the forefront of the global market for renewable energy products and its formation drew upon our extensive expertise in implementing renewable energy mechanisms in many countries to provide a uniform reporting solution. 


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