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Ask Us on Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)


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Regenerating environmental protection

We Understand Renewable Energy

We are a team of passionate people who have experience in all aspects of renewable energy from physical solar panel installation to energy cost-saving analysis, corporate environmental goals, and regulatory requirements for RECs.

Alena Energy offers a comprehensive array of services to manage Vietnamese-originated renewable energy certificates (RECs), used to offset Scope 2 emissions. We are proud to be a reliable channel to help generators in Vietnam to monetize their environmental attributes.

Renewable Asset Owners

We ensure our renewable energy asset owners a hassle-free process for the registration and the sale of their renewable energy certificates.

Corporate and Business Owners

We ensure our business customers a trusted and transparent system for the acquisition of their required renewable energy certificates.

A One-Stop Shop for Renewable Energy Services

Be it selling or buying Renewable Energy Certificates, we truly understand the needs and thoughts of our customers. You can depend on us for the green energy experience and knowledge that the team possesses. Our partnerships span across the globe. Thus we have always looked into how we can best bring the convenience, risk-free fee payment structure, hassle-free processes, and our availability to them so that they can continue to join us on this journey of green energy for our climate change efforts. ​

Our customer service is available 7 days a week so that you can reach us for any queries or advice. We value our relationship with our customers. ​